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Friday, June 24, 2011


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- Wow! Sounds like life is good!

- How did you get the Nook?

- Did you knit the Seduce tank for your anniversary as planned or too busy?

- Little Puppy is lucky to have a Great Mommy.

- I'm working on my 20lbs., too. 2 down, 18 to go. Good luck to us both!


:: gasp :: You bought a n-n-nook?!

:: faints ::


Patti Fedler

So today I did my part for the economy: I, too, bought a Nook. I've been inspired by your e-reading. You've already inspired me to knit lace. And Ravelry. And I'm sure there's something else, but it escapes my brain at the moment. LOL
Congratulations on your anniversary. And many more to come.

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This week went by so very fast that I shall recap in bullet fashion.... * Stonewall Jackson and I quietly celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. I am amazed - that's a whole lot of crazy shared between two people. I want 20 more. Yeah! I like him that much! *...


Happy (belated!) anniversary and congratulations on your 20th!

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